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Reported bugs and troubleshouting

Bugs and common problems are reported here. Some troubleshoutings are also proposed when possible.

Please, send any bug, problem or suggestion to AntDoc web site e-mail , instead of my personal e-mail. When reporting a bug, please indicate on what exact configuration you are running AntDoc. If the problem is related to AntDoc HTML documentation generation, please send the Ant buildfile(s) that raises the problem. At the opposite, when AntDoc works fine on a configuration that has not been enumerated on the requirement page or on the documentation, please let me know.

As any new tool, AntDoc is bugged. I try my best in order to release reasonably working versions. However, some of you have already been reporting some major problems. I provide here a list of known bugs and problems: thus, if I did not respond personally to you by mail concerning a problem with AntDoc, and if you see that the bug you reported is mentionned, it means that I am willing to fix it or find a work-around. It may take some time before it is fixed, but I will try my best to enhance AntDoc. Take a look at the modification date of the current page (top of the page, by clicking the "Meta" box), in order to know if I have taken into account your bug.

  • [Reported by Ed Mack] The HTML AntDoc generation does not work on Linux; there are chances that it neither works under UNIX:
    Internal AntDoc error while creating documentation: could not transform properly
    is what you get. There is a problem with Saxon and the file that I provide in a document() call when the argument is not a valid path. I should test the validity of the path, using XSLT Java extension. I am devoting some time in order to fix that, but I only have a UNIX-like platform available from time-to-time: so if you want to debug the code, just let me know...
  • [Reported by Thilo Geertzen (your problem is not a problem of configuration, but a problem with AntDoc itself)] When an Ant buildfile uses the <ant> task, there may be problem when generating the AntDoc HTML documentation, because AntDoc tries to resolve the antfile attribute while taking into account the basedir attribute of the top element <project>: in the case when the value of that antfile attribute is a property, it cannot interprete it properly and the location of the Ant buildfile referred to is wrong. This is related to the previous bug.
  • [Reported by Wei Fei] When I run AntDocGUI and that I try to execute a target, I get a "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError at org.ed.pack.ant.AntTargetRunner$Watchdog.<init>(Unknown Source)": this is due to the fact that AntDoc V6.e is not compatible with Ant 1.5 (the internal API has changed). Go to the download page and select AntDoc for Ant 1.5.
  • [Reported by Claude Leuchter] When I select a project on the top-left side, the main frame is positionned correctly, but the lower-left frame always stays on "All targets". I see, that you generate the other files, but they are never used.. This is now fixed.
  • [Reported by Erik Romson & Martin Saxer] When AntDoc is used with JRE V1.4 and with the Xalan implementation, it hangs. This actually happens within the XSL transformation execution, and Xalan seems to be hanging. This is not a bug and is related to the fact that, from V1.4 of Sun JRE, the Xalan API is shipped: this version is too old and defect-prone, so that you must use your own version of Xalan.jar in the jre/lib/endorse directory of your JDK/JRE installation. See Java forum post or Java new standard for further information.
  • [Reported by Martin Saxer] AntDoc does not work with Saxon V7.6: this is true, and I need to investigate on this. For the moment, use V7.1 for instance.

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