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Download AntDoc

This page enables you to download AntDoc: beware of reading the requirements, bugs and documentation before downloading.

The latest version of AntDoc is 0.8g. Better, the manual and the history indicates the actual latest version of AntDoc.

The downloadable zips contain the Ant AntDoc task documentation and the jar necessary in order to use it. Those zips both contain AntDoc and AntDocGUI.

In order to reduce downloading time, you may directly:

  • download Saxon V6.2.2 jar file here
  • download JDOM V1.0.beta8 jar file here
  • download Log4j V1.2.8 jar file here


Please, fully read the requirements and then take a look at the documentation before using the task.


AntDoc is not defect-free, so refer to the bug and troubleshooting page is something wrong.

At last and above all, do not hesitate to send feedback in order to improve this tool!

Java Web Start

Even if this media is not the most appropriate way to get AntDoc, you may directly test the GUI if you have installed Java Web Start, and that you have a Java runtime. For running AntDoc GUI


Here comes the history of the project, that enables also to download AntDoc. You will notice that there are two different versions according to the Ant runtime that you use.

Version Content Download
  • [func] AntDocGUI: added the opportunity to select a CSS and a XSLFactory implementation for all generated HTML AntDoc triggered from the GUI.
This is a major enhancement of AntDoc HTML documentation: for instance, there is now one page per Ant target. Yet, the work is not complete...
  • [tech] Now requires log4j jar library to be present in Ant classpath.
  • [fix] AntDoc: fixes the Ant project HTML documentation page generation, which shifted to the end of the page.
  • [tech] AntDoc: An HTML page is generated for every documented Ant target.
  • [func] AntDoc: the AntDoc generation API has been opened through the org.ed.pack.ant.antdoc.AntDocGenerator class.
  • [func] AntDoc: a regression appears when using the #<target_name> in order to create an hyperlink to an ant target within the XML comments. A solution is being thought.
This is a preparation version just before a major enhancement. See Future for the next features coming.
  • [func] AntDoc: it is now possible to generate documentation for a single target or a project description through the target attribute.
  • [func] The generated welcome page and the menu have been enhanced, so that navigation is made easier.
  • [func] AntDocGUI: you can now browse the AntDoc HTML documentation via the ('ALT + 4' or 'Window -> Ant source').
  • [tech] The generated HTML description are now surrounded by a <div class="antdoc"> tag, which enables to define CSS subclasses used within Ant buildfile XML comments, without intefering with the rest of your CSS.
This is a rather technical bug-fixing release.
  • [fix] AntDoc: the documentation generation used to fail with an Ant buildfile containing another XML snippet via the entity use <!ENTITY ... > syntax (an entity resolver has been added and should behave just like Ant does).
  • [bug] AntDoc: for a still-obscur reason it does not work under JRE V1.4 with the Xalan XSLT implementation... Will be fixed as soon as the problem is located. See the bug page.
  • [func] AntDocGUI: added a preferences that enables to choose whether the AntDoc documentation generated from AntDocGUI includes the runtime part or not.
AntDoc has been improved in order to incorporate new XML comments, but also in order to show target dependencies.
  • [tech] AntDoc: Ant buildfile projects with the same name are now notified as a warning.
  • [func] AntDoc: XML comment before the optional project description element is now taken into account.
  • [func] AntDoc: entity XML are now properly output when used in the project description element and in the description target attribute.
  • [func] Now, for each target, the runtime dependencies are being output, and the full dependency tree is also been displayed.
Only AntDoc is concerned.
  • [func] Now, generates extra target description documentation: each comment preceding a target will be considered as description as well and will be output before the possible description attribute. You can put HTML within those XML comments.
  • [func] For each documented Ant buildfile, the bottom left frame that is a sum up all of Ant targets is updated.
Only AntDoc is concerned.
  • [func] The hyperlinks to the Ant task are now compliant with Ant V1.5.1
  • [tech] Added the "processor" attribute, which enables to specify what exact XSLT implementation should be used: this may enable some work-around when AntDoc fails with a specific implementation.
  • [tech] AntDoc now works with Xalan Java V2 and with Saxon V7.
Only AntDoc is concerned.
  • [func] Now generates a "Task Usage" page, in order to review all Ant tasks being used: very early beta.
AntDoc is mostly concerned.
  • [func] Added a "welcome" attribute to AntDoc, in order to enable the end-user to provide his/her own welcome page: very early beta.
  • [tech] AntDoc now requires Xalan Java V2.X if the new "welcome" attribute is being used (because of a bug within Saxon concerning the CDATA sections).
  • [func] Added a "css" attribute to AntDoc, in order to enable the end-user to provide his/her own CSS.
  • [bug] The shortcuts for running Ant targets in AntDocGUI is now verbose, instead of debug.
Added a "hide" attribute to AntDoc, in order to prevent documentation of Ant target with no explicit description.
  • [bug] You can stop any target execution if you have launched AntDocGUI via the Windows batch, because the underlyng process opens a DOS console of every internal launch.
Stop and start target buttons added on each console, but the debug option shortcut
    The GUI is more stable and robust concerning the validity and existence of the resources (Ant buildfiles, AntDoc workspace and preferences).
    • [tech] The AntDoc workspace is now saved under XML format
    • [tech] The AntDoc preferences are now saved under XML format
    • [tech] Now, requires the JDOM V1.0.b8 library: only necessary for AntDocGUI, not for AntDoc
    • [func] AntDocGUI now enables to generate a very basic HTML report for each Ant target execution
    More shortcuts to menus. Some sytem runtime informations are now available
      Some more shorcuts and menus. The previous silly screen splash has been changed.
        The ennoying graphical bugs have been eradicated: begins to be comfortable to use
          Mainly, the concept of AntDoc workspace has been introduced
          • [func] Workspace introduced as a beta version
          • [func] Generates HTML report of Ant target execution at a very early stage
          • [func] Supports Drag & drop in AntDocGUI for Ant buildfile
          Major bugs fixed
          • [func] Integration of AntDocGUI to IDEA, as a plugin, and from build #642
          AntDocGUI confort enhancement (project saving is much better)
            No download available
            • [func] Added a message output concerning AntDoc GUI overall behaviour
            • [func] Added some popup-menu to the project tree
            • [func] Disabled the not yet available menu entries
            No download available
            • [func] Description of an Ant task or a project is now added to AntDoc GUI
            • [bug] Removed the Look & Feel feature (temporaly because not mature at this stage)
            No download available
            • [bug] Fixed a blocking bug concerning the <Ant> task documentation
            • [func] Sorry, the feature that consisted in generating hyperlinks on the antfile and target attributes have been temporarily removed...
            No download available
            • [func] You may now generate AntDoc on the fly
            • [func] You may now sort targets in the GUI
            No download available
            AntDoc GUI enhancement whith more consistence concerning the currently selected Ant target
              No download available
              AntDoc GUI enhancement, and some major bugs fixing
                No download available
                AntDoc GUI enhancement
                  No download available
                  • [func] Concerning AntDoc HTML, now generates an extra bottom-left frame summing up all Ant targets (beta version)
                  • [func] Enhanced the GUI, so that multiple Ant buidlfiles may be loaded at the same time
                  No download available
                  • [func] In AntDoc, now skips Ant buildfile with no name attribute on the top level project element
                  • [func] Added the local attribute
                  No download available
                  • [func] Now executes detached process within the same frame"
                  • [func] Ant builfile loading in beta testing... It will be enhanced"
                  No download available
                  • [func] Now generates the description of a project defined in the <description> element"
                  • [bug] Better control of the history in AntDoc GUI"
                  No download available
                  Now generates hyperlinks on the Ant task
                    No download available
                    Now detached process are logged into a new frame
                      No download available
                      • [bug] Now works under Microsoft Internet Explorer with no SUN'S Java Plug-in installed
                      No download available
                      Now generates documentation for top level Ant properties
                        No download available
                        • [tech] Does not need Xerces anymore: AntDoc now uses JAXP API
                        • [tech] Made the use of Jakarta RegExp optional
                        • [bug] fixed the bug when header or footer element is missing
                        No download available
                        • [func] Added the runtime attribute
                        • [func] Added the gui attribute
                        • [func] added the port attribute
                        No download available
                        • [func] Added the filter element
                        • [func] The targets with no description attributes are documented in smaller characters
                        No download available

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